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Unethical studies caused generational trauma (sudden illnesses/deaths of loved ones) in families. 

Illnesses that families tend to hide, sweep under the carpet, or are embarrassed to talk about may be caused by the Rosenwald Fund Study: (i.e., Brain Damage, Mental Retardation, Blindness, Seizures, Inability to Read, Ptyalism, Edema, Dermatitis, Jaundice, Other Central Nervous System Issues).

Did you know the term “Bad blood” originated in the Rosenwald Fund Study, precursor to the Tuskegee and Guatemala Studies? 


If members of your family has a history of dying young or loved ones being prone to sudden illnesses/deaths and lived in the South, this medical atrocity may also be your story, and that’s why Talk Story, Incorporated launched #FamilyLoveMatters, a Truth Seeking Initiative.  

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Love one another; this is a commandment from God. Love your enemies as yourself. Apologize to one another today, mend the brokenness and heal one another’s souls. We need one another in these last days. Concentrate on the legacy you plan to leave for future generations. Your house may not have felt like a home, but the home you despise, may be the one you reproduce. Tend to the sick and shut in. When your burdens are heavy, call the saints for prayer. Pray for those in prison and encourage them to keep the faith. Forgive our trespasses and those who have trespassed against us. We need to heal today, not tomorrow. Reunite and vow to be there for one another in good times and bad. We are family. Excerpt from 7 Days in the Fire, page 103

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